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Sell My

A conceptual stock photography business app

The entire design process started from the basics. I had a clear concept in mind, a blank paper and a pen in hand. I started noting down all the essentials. 

I started with choosing the base color i.e Golden Yellow – to add the bling factor! and a very minimalist logo ‘$’. The layouts and other elements are very Boxy to be thumb friendly for one handed use on a cell phone. 

Go ahead experience this here


A local directory of service experts

Working on this project was total bliss. I wanted to work on a dark themed project, with Repairmen I did just that. 

I’ve used all vibrant colors to gain attention. The audience that visits this platform are in a hurry and are looking for quick solutions. Hence, all the buttons and elements are considerably big and are easily accessible.

Kodegear Technologies

Agency website that subconsciously delivers the brand moto.

The pleasure of making this website was beyond happiness. My company gave me the entire freedom to do it the way I wanted it. No restrictions what so ever. 

You can see how the sections are separated with crossing lines. Its so fascinating to achieve this with all the parallax effects throughout the website. 

The crossing line separations are intentionally slanted to compliment the brand name ‘Kodegear’. I want to experience all that saying. So go on, click below!


Furnitures come alive

Made this as an experimental furniture eCom store. Focus here is to make all the elements give out a positive and happy vibes. 


A beautiful eLearning landing page

A very clean, Dcent and minimalist landing page website design. 


Unique is amazing!


UI/UX, Frontend, Strategy


Startup, Management, UI/UX


2017 - Present

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