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2017 - Present


The world is full of possibilities, With Amazwing We're trying to give wings to the Amazing.

I am a Founder/Designer at Amazwing. The idea behind amazwing was, the current social networking platforms have a huge content library and its very obvious that quantity at some point will diminish the content that matters / appeals to the user. To counter this problem, We designed a unique system that keeps the content relevant to the user’s geolocation.

In my three years at Amazwing, I led the evolution of the company from just an idea on a rough piece of paper to 10k+ downloaded app on play store with an average rating of 4.2

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Unique is not ordinary!

Prior to Amazwing, I was working as an electrical engineer.
since the beginning, I had a great interest in arts. I always wondered that there are so many artists in my block, what limits them to enhance their skills. Why is my city and the rest of my area unaware of these talents.

While sipping a tea late evening with my friends. we narrowed on to the idea of amazwing. The concept being, once a user posts something on amazwing. The user’s post is first made visible to the user’s city/locality. Once, the post gets enough wings/likes/upvotes. It is then compared with all the posts withing that stae, Then the top post makes to a higher level i.e state. There on to the country and to the world.

The aim here is to provide a platform for the local talent to get highlighted on a global scale.

One skill is not enough for a startup.

As a startup, we lacked funds but that didnt stop us.

My startup encouraged me to learn various skills and applications to make various parts of Amazwing. To list a few

Adobe XD – To design and prototype the app
Adobe premiere pro – To make promo videos for promotions
After effects – To make animations
Photoshop – To create various graphical posts
Marvel – To make interactive prototypes

In addition, I also studied agile methods of Project management, Public speaking, Brand endorsement, Digital marketing and Design concepts.

The Amazwing

Tech in Kannada

– The Belgaum News

As an alternative to the already famous social networking sites like Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook, three engineering students from Dharwad have developed a new mobile (Android Supported) application called `Amazwing.’ The new app is developed by Afzal Hussain, Burhan Ahmed Daroga and Shahnawaz Shaikh. 


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UI/UX, Frontend, Strategy




2017 - Present

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