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"Ideas Won't Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them."

– Alfred North Whitehead

I deal with design elements and product strategies in my day to life. A lot of that energy remains with me. Hence, I wanted to make a portfolio site for myself. Something that I’d proudly look back to. 

I am constantly updating my site and archiving all the previous iterations just to self evaluate how much I have evolved in terms of design maturity, the site flow and technologies. 

I make sure that each everything that is on my site is curated by me. I hope you enjoy reading the fine details of where, what, why, stuff is the way it is on here 😛


Typography, Colors, Icons

Font : Montserrat  The fonts were chosen with an eye to readability and classic elegance. The typefaces complement each other while providing a lively contrast that signals a clear visual hierarchy. Colors:  Blue Charcoal  (#011118) White(#fff) ,  and Torch red (#F0002F) are used to create a minimalist, user-friendly interface that draws the eye to important areas. The overall look and feel, designed to be attractive to all audiences. Classy and elegant.

and Layout

"Design is intelligence made visible."

- Alina Wheeler, author

I am big on minimalism. While designing, I was very sure not to add any of distracting bells and whistles. I wanted the user to relax and have a very holiday kinda experience while scrolling through the website. Key points that I  focused on are : ease of navigation,  Clean typography and minimalist design.

Most of the users these days browse the web on mobile phones. The entire website has a very mobile friendly typography that lets the user read the information with ease and without any distraction

Sugar, Spice
and everything nice

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile."

- Roger Staubach

The first thing that a user does on a website is view it and use mouse pointer to interact with elements. I wanted my visitors to have an amazing feeling right from the beginning. So, I added a custom pointer script. Viola!

While making this site I kept listening to soft country songs and it was so calming. I wanted my visitors to feel the same. Here you go : Stand by me – The endless summer


Unique is amazing!


UI/UX, Frontend, Strategy


Startup, Management, UI/UX


2017 - Present

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